Crown Point

Crown Point is a designated Regional Center in the Greater Houston geographic area. We provide EB-5 immigration consulting services, including the reporting of job creation elements and immigration application with the USCIS. Affiliated companies of Crown Point also provide diversified investment and consulting services for both individual and institutional investors.

Our Expertise

Crown Point Regional Center is a subsidiary of Modern Land (China), established in Texas in 2010. Crown Point was designated as a Regional Center within the Immigrant Investor Program by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in 2011. We specialize in connecting Chinese investors with job-creating projects in the US.

Our Projects

Crown Point Regional Center is currently engaged in a number of projects in the Greater Houston area, including senior living, hotel and multi-family residential projects. Projects include those in designated Targeted Employment Areas (TEA) that qualify for a lower investment threshold. Please see our Projects page for more information.

Our EB-5 Strategy

Crown Point Regional Center works closely with local municipalities to maximize project profitability. Affiliates of Crown Point also invest in the projects to share both the benefits and the risks with our investors. Our processes are transparent and investors are continually updated with respect to all project activities.

For more information on Crown Point Regional Center please contact us by telephone at +1.281.741.3837.